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Talkshow này có nói qua về first meet của hai người và quá trình sau đấy, bản engsub dưới đây xin nói trước không phải do ta trans mà của một bạn TQ tốt bụng trên facebook trans, ta chỉ tìm được và post lên cho thỏa lòng mọi người thôi^^

Bản engsub (Genna ElfShawoljyj)

>> MCS: Welcome to today’s Lady GuaGua~

>>TianXin: Friends, if your love said “When you walked into my life, I would stop, and never love anyone else.”

>> YuChen: I’ll think he’s lying

>> ASa: I would cry

>> WenYa: I would marry him right away

>> TianXin: Do you guys believe there is actually this kind of love?

>> MCs: Yeah…

>> YuChen: I believe there is but why haven’t I met one

>> ASa: (to YuChen) Why is that everytime we talk about love you want to cry?

>> TianXin: Yea, why can’t you think about it? I believe our audience wouldn’t believe that this kind of love actually exists.Actually, it is real, welcome our guest today: XiaHe!Welcome!

>> JLaw: Hi TianXin jie

>> TianXin: Please sit down, aww you’re blushing!You did a cute face to us, can you do it again?Ahh~ What does it mean?

>> JLaw: I learned it form XiaoS

>> TianXin: XiaHe has a very special someone, name Kirio, he’s very young. Is he 20 this year?Tell us how you guys (Kirio) met!

>> JLaw: At a bar

>> TianXin: You guys never met before? Or is he your friend’s friend?

>> JLaw: I never met him. I saw him(Kirio) dancing, danced like crazy.

>> TianXin: Then?

>> JLaw: Then my friend said to me that he(Kirio) might be your type, why don’t you go ask for his number, be friends; it’s better than you thinking about your past(relationship)So I asked him for his number.

>> TianXin: Right, so did he give it to you?

>> JLaw: No, he said he needs to think about it. Then he disappeared. After 10 mins, we met again. I asked him if he’s doine thinking. He said “my phone’s out of money”

>> YunChen: Awwww so cute!

>> TianXin: First time no success, rejected! Ohh then you must have the “fight more then having more bravery”

>> JLaw: I said “don’t worry if your phone’s out of money, just give me your number”

>> MCs: “I’ll charge for you”?

>> JLaw: I didn’t say that directly, after 10 mins, I sent a text to the number: “your phone is charged”

>> MC: What did you do?

>> TianXin: He charged his(Kirio) phone!Did Kirio reply to you right away?

>> JLaw: He was surprised, thinking that it’s not right

>> WenYa: (explaining to a MC)You sent a message after you charged it

>> MCs: Aww how romantic!

>> TianXin: So he(JLaw) did it right when he charged Kirio’s cellphone, he must be so touched

>> JLaw: He didn’t reply me, he went to the front door of the bar, and saw me. He was with one of his firends, who is chubby.I asked them to some tea next door, maybe eat some slushie

>> YunChen: How long after you met have you guys decided to be together? About how long?

>> JLaw: About one week after

>> YunChen: ONE week? What happened during the one week?

>> TianXin: What happened? What life changing event? Kirio so cute!


>> JLaw: Nothing reallyAfter we ate slushie, it was very late at the bar. Then I learned that Kirio was very young. I kewn he was young, but I didn’t know he was that young

>> TianXin: Because on his pictures, he looks shorter than the others, and his face is very angelic

>> JLaw: Yea

>> TianXin: Like a little angel. He looks young, but never thought he’s THAT young

>> JLaw: I was surprised too, never thought he was this young. And my first thought was: Where are you gonna go after this?Because I know the bar is too old for him, I was afraid he’ll get tricked by bad guys.Maybe in Kirio’s mind I was a bad guy too.

>> JLaw: So I asked him where is he gonna go next, he said he doesn’t have a place to go because his school is far awayI said, “Well, how about this. I have a friend named XiaoHui, he’s a good guy, very kind. His home is right by here. You can stay there until tomorrow morning, then ride the bus and go back to school”Then he trusted me, after that, I took him to XiaoHui’s home. Then XiaoHui slept in the sofa, Kirio slept in the bed. I sat until morning.

>> TianXin: Really? During the night did you have any thoughts of kissing him or anything?

>> JLaw: I really didn’t

>> MCs: Not possible!

>> YunChen: Our keyboard teacher is so cute(putting the music)

>> “Not possible”


>> JLaw: Because I never thought this person will have anything to do with me afterwards I’m saying, if we’re friends, then I should help. Let him have a place to stay for tonight.


>> TianXin: You guys have been together for 2 years?

>> JLaw: More than 2 years. We’re starting our 3rd year

>> TianXin: Ohh…then during this period, did you guys change(personality)?

>> JLaw: Kirio changed from a know-nothing little kid to a know-everything growned up adult.

>> ASa: Are you worried if he grows up and learns everything, then started to be “against” you(as in a child to their parents), dislike you?Was there any of that during the 2 years?

>> WenYa: What’s the most terrible fight you guys had?

>> JLaw: We went to HangZhou for the May break, we had a fight.

>> WenYa: What did you guys fight about?

>> JLaw: Because the plane was around noon, we pack in the morning.I wanted to put the camera on the bottom, and clothes pile on top; He wanted the clothes on the bottom, and camera on top.We fought for this.

>> MCs: Then? You gtuys started fighting?

>> TianXin: Kirio FOUGHT with you?I thought he will be “I don’t care I don’t care”

>> JLaw: Nope He’s not that kind of person

>> TianXin: Really?What’s he like then? What are his personalities?

>> JLaw: I’ll say an example. Shows like this, famous or non, have invited him. A lot.But Kirio declined them all, and doesn’t pick up the phone. I asked him why

>> JLaw: I said “people your age will be happy to be on TV, it doesn’t matter if you want to be a start later.”Then what he said scared me He said: “Unless one day where people forgot about who I am, and I’m appearing on TV with another identity; then I’ll never be on TV my whole like “

>> TianXin: How cool!

>> JLaw: Kirio has a dream. He’s very into writing, so he loves to read. He reads so much.Hmm…his 18 years of reading is more than my 27 years.Every morning people from the book store will knock on my door, and drop a big box on the porch. It’s all books. Pay.

>> JLaw: He was like this the whole 2 years.

>> TianXin: What kind of books does Kirio like?

>> JLaw: Horror stories…like YanGeLing. And I just recently found LuXun’s stories. Very scary.

>> MCs: Not scary! He has he own thoughts

>> JLaw: Who can read all of LuXun’s stories?

>> MC: Her books are usually blaming something

>> ASa: The book is too old for people Kirio’s age. People his age are suppose to be reading comics?

>> JLaw: Yea, XiYouJiI think LuXun should be in BaiJiaJiangTan(a show where people explain history)

>> WenYa: Then Kirio must be talented in writing from all those books he readHave he ever thought of publishing a book?

>> JLaw: Yea, he went to several publishers

>> WenYa: Ready to publish?

>> JLaw: Yea, but the publishers thought “you’re still a little kid, you wouldn’t write anything deep. But if you want to post some of your pictures, we can talk about you being a model”But Kirio doesn’t want that. His principle is books. First none of my pictures, don’t talk about what I’ve done before, and the book shouldn’t have my private stuff.All it is is a book, a white book with Chinese.

>> TianXin: XiaHe, have you ever thought about it? Because you posted pictures of you and Kirio on the web, have you asked Kirio? Is he used to it?Suddenly everyone shifted their attention to your relationship

>> JLaw: TianXin jie, if I tell you no one will believe me. I never wanted to show them(the relationship), I just didn’t want to hide it.But I never thought a little thing like this will become a thing everyone talks about. Because(about this) I think I’m not China’s first one and never the last one.As to why(they pick JLaw and Kirio)…

>> TianXin: You know why? Because you guys are handsome

>> WenYa: Aside from being pretty, maybe it’s because of your sweet love, a lot of people are jealous, so they got you famous

>> JLaw: The love isn’t so sweet, it’s because we have a setting(?) And the mood for it

>> TianXin: And the pictures are taken so well. As if every picture is telling a story. Their hugs, their kisses, and when they just look at each other;I think not just some ordianry couple can do that, that eyeful of love, so I think this is the most touching part

>> TianXin: What does Kirio think about it? As in so many people are looking at your relationship, is he happy? Or is he worried?

>> JLaw: Before I came to this show he only said one thing to me: Don’t talk about me a lot.

>> ASa: He’s a boy with a unique personality~ We definitely want him on our show!

>> MC: Definitely not an odrinary boy

>> TianXin: You know what, let’s call him on the show! Hello?

>> MC: Kirio! Live calling~ Hello Kirio!

>> TianXin: People are like this, the more someone tries to hide himself, the more we want to find out more about the person.

>> JLaw: Yea, and Kirio never goes on the internet. So those Kirio RenRen blog, and…KaiXin blog are all fake

>> TianXin: So you mean, when you put the pictures out, it sounds like he’s sad?

>> JLaw: He doesn’t care

>> TianXin: Not happy nor sad?

>> JLaw: Yes, he’s not sad

>> WenYa: When you posted your pictures, did you ever thought you would be this famous?

>> JLaw: When I posted it, I thought maybe some internet friends that care about you can interact with youI wanted it to be private(only with a few friends), but I never thought it’ll become a thing everyone talks about, and for these years

>> WenYa: I think when your relationship is under people’s eyes, it needs more effort to keep the relationship.Because if the relationship is shown, then it needs the two people together to keep itDo you think…?

>> TianXin: Were there any problems with your relationship? Outsiders or from family, or your friends?

>> JLaw: We haven’t had any problems or disapprovalsThe only problem is that some people take pictures of Kirio, and he thinks of it as a problem

>> TianXin: He’s still in school, right?

>> JLaw: Yea, and his school, phone number, dorm were all publicized

>> MCs: Really? They were not private?

>> JLaw: No, they were all over the internetSo whatever he does there’s always some papparazzi. After they toake the pictures, they post it on some anti-websites, like TianYaAnd everyone started bashing on him

>> MC: Why? What did they bash him about?

>>JLaw: Like in Kirio’s school, they had a New Year’s Eve party, Kirio was acting a character in a drama called BeiPiaoYiZu, everyone was wearing crazy clothes, and had very exaggerate expressions like”ah””wah”And then some students took pics of Kirio doing those expressions, like opening his mouth widely, and tilting his head

>> MC: Like bad looking scenes

>> JLaw: And when he was blinking. Then they posted the pictures on those websites, and said that Kirio had plastic surgeries and his pictures were photoshopped, and saying Kirio was a very fake person

>> JLaw: And saying little kids were getting together with rich people and they were all photoshopped

>> TianXin: Wow, making up stories about Kirio? No wonder Kirio wants to grow up so fastHe wants to grow up and get into the adult world and defend himself.Do you think so?

>> JLaw: Kirio doesn’t talk much. Usually he talks for about 10 sentence per day.

>> YunChen: Even when you’re living together? What does he talk about in his 10 sentences?

>> JLaw: Whatever he had in mind. We weren’t like that, but since we’re in this stage-

>> TianXin: Oh yea, what’s your pet name for him?

>> JLaw: One word: Bao(means treasure in Chinese)

>> MCs: Bao?

>> TianXin: You never calls him “wife”?

>> JLaw: No, too cheesy

>> TianXin: (to audience) Calls him Bao…

>> WenYa: I heard that Kirio likes to cook?

>> JLaw: He can only make vegetable soup

>> WenYa: Know how to make vegetable soup is already good enough

>> JLaw: I only know how to make one dish-fried rice

>> YunChen: Then you guys can have soup and rice!

>> TianXin: How long do you guys eat them?

>> JLaw: About every half a month Kirio will cook soup…yeah about this much

>> TianXin: Half a month? You’ll die of hunger!Ah, did you know it was JLaw’s birthday?

>> MCs: Yea, it just passed

>> TianXin: What did you guys do this year for your birthday?Kirio must be there

>> JLaw: Yea, he’s with me during my birthday for the past 3 yearsThis year I can’t remember well, because during the second half part of the party I spent my time in the bathroom, my head almost in the toilet

>> MCs: Drunk!

>> JLaw: Had about 1 gallon of white wine

>> TianXin: Oooh…having Kirio during your birthday must be different

>> JLaw: Kirio’s birthday is in September, I hope it’ll be different

>> TianXin: You should’ve laid down(?) during your birthday

>> JLaw: No, yea, it’s my birthday, it just passed

>> TianXin: You layed…?

>> JLaw: It was last month

>> TianXin: Did he give you a surprise gift?

>> WenYa: Yea, I’m curious

>> JLaw: He gives me the same gift every year

>> ASa: What does he give you?

>> JLaw: It’s…he’ll do a DIY little wooden house, the house has people inside it, like aunts, and treasure.Every year he uses his imagination to make it

>> TianXin: Then burn it for you?

>> JLaw: Kinda

>> TianXin: Does a voice inside your heart say “Kirio’s my destiny”?

>> JLaw: Yea, I think if you love someone, you don’t only treasure the time you spent together.There’ll be one day where you aren’t crazy about the person, but because of your promise, you stay with the person. That’s love.


>> TianXin: Until now, do you realize how much XiaHe cares about Kirio?

>> MCs: Yea, a lot

>> TianXin: But we only heard XiaHe’s point of view, do you guys believe him?We need someone as an evidence that say “XiaHe is a wonderful boyfriend”

>> WenYa: Yea, I wanna hear too

>> TianXin: Today we invited XiaHe’s friend, XiaoHui~

>> MCs: Welcome, XiaoHui~

>> TianXin: Hello, XiaoHui!Please sit down~Are you a friend of XiaHe or Kirio?

>> XiaoHui: XiaHe’s

>> WenYa: We talked about the one where Kirio stayed at your house

>> XiaoHui: Oh yea. The time Kirio spent the night at my house, is the first time I’ve met him

>> JLaw: Same time

>> TianXin: You(XiaoHui) slept on the sofa, right?

>> XiaoHui: I slept on the bed, and XiaoHe sat on the other side of the bed,and Kirio slept on the sofa

>> MCs: Oh? It’s the opposite? Different stories?

>> TianXin: Yea, what did we heard before?XiaoHui slept on the sofa, Kirio slept on the bed, and XiaHe sat the whole night

>> JLaw: But you don’t have to sit in the same place the whole night,you can change around

>> TianXin: (to XiaoHui) Are you sure after you slept XiaHe didn’t get together with Kirio,and you didn’t see what happened?

>> XiaoHui: Never, never

>> TianXin: What did XiaHe did do Kirio that made him felt touched, something romantic?

>> XiaoHui: XiaHe isn’t a romantic person, he’s more laid back and honest.When we talk, he won’t say fictional things

>> JLaw: I do that to every friend. “You wanna be together?”He say yes then yes; if he say no, we’ll never meet in our life again. Pretend I never said anything

>> TianXin: You didn’t go after them?Did Kirio do any romantic things? that made him the only one you went after?

>> XiaoHui: Kirio’s very caring, and sweet.From the beginning I was touched by his caringness.For example, when XiaHe’s home, he usually go on the internet, or work in his bedroom. Then Kirio’ll bring a plate of fruit and say “Eat some fruit”Or he’ll bring a glass of water, “drink water”

>> JLaw: Then I’ll say “Ah stop bringing them”

>> TianXin: XiaoHui did you ever see them fight?

>> XiaoHui: I never saw them in person, but I think they’ve fought before.

>> TianXin: Ooh? Tell us!

>> XiaoHui: They didn’t fight, because I think Kirio’s very curteous.If they fight then they usually fight in private, not with other people around.

>> TianXin: Does Kirio always gives him his dignity?

>> XiaoHui: Yea, one time in his car, and JLaw asked Kirio to set the GPS system.But Kirio typed in the wrong address, so JLaw had to go around a long way and ended up in an unkwon spotSo JLaw got made at him. But Kirio didn’t talk back

>> TianXin: Basically, these two people can’t fight

>> JLaw: Yea, because whatever you say he won’t answer. So we forget about the fight

>> MCs: It makes people get worriedAwww Kirio has such a nice attitude!

>> YunChen: If I fight with my boyfriend I’ll go “blah blah blah”,and if he doesn’t answer I’ll get more mad and beyond

>> TianXin: Everyone has a different solution to the problemSo you guys are the “cold war” fighters?

>> JLaw: Yea, cold war

>> TianXin: Who gives up and comforts the other person first?

>> JLaw: USually me

>> TianXin: Is it true, XiaoHui? I don’t believe it~

>> XiaoHui: I’m not sure

>> TianXin: How are you fulfilling a best friend’s job?(jokely)

>> MCs: Aren’t you his best friend?

>> XiaoHui: Because they never tell me details of a fight,and they usually fight only at home

>> TianXin: You are now both JLaw and Kirio’s best friend,how you do think of their relationship?Do you think they have too much outside pressure?

>> XiaoHui: There are pressure for sure, but I think they’re both unique people

>> TianXin: How?

>> XiaoHui: They thought of the pressure differently from other people,like, more lightly, not as pressured.Still being themselves, live their own lives

>> TianXin: Do you guys hold hands on the street?

>> JLaw: Not anymore, because Kirio’s grown up

>> TianXin: You’re sounding like a father

>> WenYa: I heard a rumor, that the 1980 borned author GuoJingMing likes Kirio tooIs it true?

>> JLaw: I don’t know.

>> MCs: Yea I heard about thatIt’s really popular on the internet

>> JLaw: I don’t know him(GuojingMing), as in I know there’s an author…

>> TianXin: You don’t know him?Kirio knows him

>> WenYa: Have you asked Kirio about these kind of stuff?

>> JLaw: No, I never ask Kirio if anyone has a crush on him

>> MCs: You don’t care if someone is crushing on him?When he goes somewhere does he need to tell you first?

>> JLaw: Sometimes

>> YunChen: Do you like it when he tells you?

>> TianXin: Sometimes…but most of the time you trust him?

>> JLaw: I trust him a lot

>> TianXin: Be careful-oh!

>> ASa: Stop teaching him to be bad!

>> TianXin: At the end of the show, I really wish Kirio is watching this episode.XiaHe, do you have anything special to say to Kirio?3 year anniversary, 3 years!

>> JLaw: Kirio: Be yourself. I don’t believe in forever, I’m always prepared in ending. I hope before that day, you can help yourself.If we ever break up, then I hope we can still have that lasting memory; if not, then I hope we never change

>> TianXin: I believe XiaHe will forever protect Kirio…It was nice having you guys, until then, bye~


“Kirio: Be yourself. I don’t believe in forever, I’m always prepared in ending. I hope before that day, you can help yourself.If we ever break up, then I hope we can still have that lasting memory; if not, then I hope we never change” – nghe câu này là lại chạm vào nỗi đau thực tại á T^T




Nàng Knight đã chăm chỉ trans lại đoạn esub trên, mọi người vào  ĐÂY xem nhé ^^~


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    • iu nàng :*
      ta dẫn link qua nhà nàng luôn *múa* =]]

      03.10.2011 lúc 11:41

      • tên ta là Hyp a~ không phải nàng Knight =))))))))))))))))))))))
        he he he thx nàng giúp ta câu view XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

        03.10.2011 lúc 13:52

      • ko có gì, ta thik đi câu, có gì là ta câu hết á XDDDDD~
        tự dưng ta muốn gọi nàng thành Night, nghe chất và oai phết đấy nhể =))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

        04.10.2011 lúc 00:55

  15. @Fox: Nàng ơi nàng share cho ta link full đoạn này được không? Ta tìm trên u2B thấy ra 3 clip nhưng vẫn chưa đủ, mới đến đoạn anh Tôm gọi tiểu mỹ nhân là bảo bối a, cơ mà ta cũng k thấy đoạn bảo bối ở bản eng trên kia *chỉ chỉ*. Ta xem trộm của Night mới biết á =.=. Ah, ta tìm được người encode rồi 😀

    @ Night: Thank nàng đá trans 😀 Cho ta mượn bản trans của nàng làm sub được không? Kì thực ta mới trans có 1/3 thôi đã hoa mắt chóng mặt rồi. Có chỗ nào khó hiểu ta sẽ đi hỏi rồi sửa lại. Yên tâm Cre đầy đủ nhé 😀

    @ Fox 2: Ta cũng thích gọi là Night hơn LOL

    05.10.2011 lúc 16:02

    • uầy, ta cũng ko có link full á *gãi đầu gãi tai* =,=|||
      tìm cũng chỉ có mấy bản này, biết nàng định làm sub mà giờ ko có bản full thì ta cũng thấy tiếc quá =.=

      06.10.2011 lúc 22:48

  16. Bạn ơi ~ cho mình xíu là bạn có biết có thể update news của cp này bằng tiếng Anh tại đâu ko? :-ss Mình có ng bạn thik cp này lắm mà nhỏ ko tìm đc nguồn news =-= *mình thì chỉ là fan girl thôi :P*

    Anw, cảm ơn bạn trc nhé 🙂

    10.10.2011 lúc 00:24

    • ý nàng là tin mới về cp này bằng tiếng anh à….uhm……..mình chỉ toàn thấy blog tiếng trung, việt là nhiều, tiếng anh hồi trước có thấy 1 trang nào đó nhưng hình như chỉ up vài thông tin cũ thôi ‘ ‘~

      10.10.2011 lúc 02:13

  17. michanguyen

    phuc cp nay thiet! tinh yeu cua ho qua sau sac

    22.01.2012 lúc 18:23

  18. roxy

    cam on anh chi trong day nhe
    em iu anh chi hnhju

    23.01.2012 lúc 19:06

  19. tỉ fox iu quý, có ai dịch cái video này chưa cho muội đặt gạch với ^^

    31.07.2012 lúc 16:24

    • có nhiều người dịch rồi a, cơ mà e muốn tự dịch theo giọng văn của e cũng được =]

      02.08.2012 lúc 20:21

  20. vâng ạ, thanks tỷ

    11.08.2012 lúc 16:20

  21. nàng ơi, cho ta mang những bài viết của nàng về 2 cháu sang wp và fb của ta được hơm:”>
    ta sẽ ghi rõ nguồn từ nhà nàng:”>

    10.12.2012 lúc 21:19

    • credit đầy đủ là ok rồi nàng ^^

      11.12.2012 lúc 09:42

      • ths nàng nhiều:*:*

        11.12.2012 lúc 15:09

  22. fox tỷ ơi… đệ ko bjt T.A h họ tn ui ah ?

    11.12.2012 lúc 23:01

    • hiện hai người đã chia tay rồi nhá, e đọc mấy bài gần đây trong trang J&K nhà tỷ ý, sẽ rõ hơn

      12.12.2012 lúc 10:39

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